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First BaFin-registered crypto fund from Germany is live

Fund manager Blockwall Management GmbH launches its first closed-ended investment fund solely focusing on distributed ledger (blockchain) technologies.

After seven months of stealthy preparations, Blockwall Management GmbH has closed its first investment fund ("Blockwall Capital I") that offers semi-professional and professional investors access into the rapidly growing asset class of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies. The fund is set up in compliance with the framework of the German financial markets authority (BaFin) and the fund manager has been registered with BaFin in mid February 2018 already.

Blockwall Capital's investors are mostly German UHNWIs and Family Offices that have identified Blockwall as a bridge to participate in this asset class without having to cover the demanding and new aspects of investing in this space. At the same time, they value the comforting aspect of dealing within a renowned German legal framework given the complexity that investing into the technology entails. The investment focus of "Blockwall Capital I" is based on a long-term approach towards the development and implementation of the underlying decentralized technologies, where both

fundamental research as well as active monitoring of assets provides for the most holistic approach for this nascent asset class.

Due to the ever-growing need for professional access into this asset class, Blockwall intends to launch a second closed-ended fund towards the end of 2018, addressing further UHNWIs, Family Offices and Institutional Investors.

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