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Sep 2020

Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) partners with Blockwall to launch BRI Europe (BRIE)

The ​Blockchain Research Institute​, the world’s largest independent blockchain think-tank, and ​Blockwall​, a leading blockchain investment firm, are excited to announce the launch of the ​Blockchain Research Institute Europe​ (BRIE).

This partnership will establish the BRIE as the preeminent European blockchain think-tank. Building on the substantial path-breaking work of the BRI and the deep network of Blockwall, the BRIE will bring together Europe’s top industry leaders, academics, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, and researchers to undertake ground-breaking research on blockchain technology, bridging the gap between the technological functionality of blockchain and the real market need.

The BRIE will provide member organizations deep ​research​ on the strategic opportunities, challenges, and implications of blockchain technology in business, government, and society in Europe.

“Blockchain is a team sport and we need global cross-industry solutions to address the challenges and seize the opportunities in business today”​, said Dale Chrystie, Blockchain Strategist at FedEx. ​“As a global business, FedEx is pleased to see the Blockchain Research Institute launch BRI Europe to further strengthen and expand its impact globally.”

In addition, the BRI and BRIE will provide a range of educational deliverables in the form of webinars, books, conferences, and an ​online course​, a collaboration of the BRI with INSEAD, Europe’s top-ranked business school, and Coursera, the largest platform for online education.

"The Blockchain Research Institute has been a key strategic partner for INSEAD in strengthening and growing our online learning offerings”​, said Peter Zemsky, Deputy Dean at INSEAD Business School. ​“With the launch of BRI Europe, we look forward to further expanding our impactful collaboration in this key market and beyond."

Providing a leading voice for the adoption of blockchain in Europe, the BRIE will be establishing an expert council of industry-leaders to help foster research, innovation, and the strategic direction of blockchain in their industries. The expert council will comprise leading executives from European corporates, academic institutions, and the public sector, together offering valuable insights from subject matter experts and providing sparring partners for members on their respective strategies of innovation.

“Blockchain technology can be applied to improve and transform existing processes”​, said Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Reimelt, former CEO and President DACH and Europe at General Electric. ​“I look forward to working with the BRIE in order to promote the adoption of blockchain technology in Europe and supporting its implementation and integration into business models, specifically in the energy industry. It is time for Europe to manifest its leading role in this emerging industry and I see the BRIE as an ideal platform to facilitate this.”

The BRIE will also take an active role in coordinating development and innovation across the European blockchain ecosystem. Through the institutes’ Build program, the BRIE will support its members' strategies of testing and implementing blockchain technologies, partnering their teams with the most suitable stakeholders from its ecosystem. The BRIE will leverage its global network both within the blockchain space and traditional industries to facilitate a strategically aligned development and integration of blockchain technology to showcase the transformative potential of blockchain technology and lead it towards mass adoption.

“We see blockchain as adding crucial functionalities to the internet and representing a backend revolution”​, said Dominic Briggs, General Partner at Blockwall​. “Here in Europe, blockchain technology opened up a completely new universe of business models to invest in and it offers the opportunity to tap into value which was too complex to exploit with centralized systems. Europe is uniquely positioned to be at the forefront of this revolution and together with the BRIE we want to support European corporates, entrepreneurs, and governments to take a leading role in this development.”

"As a global leader, the Blockchain Research Institute believes that the best way to steward the blockchain revolution is to collaborate with leading regional partners who share our vision and ambition”,​ said Don Tapscott, Executive Chairman at the Blockchain Research Institute. ​“For us, Blockwall is the ideal partner to lead the blockchain transformation in Europe.”

“With an expansive network of public and private sector leaders, we are excited to partner with Blockwall to launch the Blockchain Research Institute Europe, and usher in the next wave of digital transformation for Europe and the world”​, said Alex Tapscott, Co-founder at the Blockchain Research Institute.

To help lead the blockchain transformation of Europe, interested companies can now join the Blockchain Research Institute Europe. For more information about membership, please contact ​​ or visit ​​ to sign up and receive more information.


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