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Jun 2021

Blockwall launches venture capital fund for blockchain startups

Blockwall Management ("Blockwall"), a Bafin-registered asset manager, today announced the first closing of the Blockwall Capital II fund. The target volume for the venture capital fund, which invests in pioneering blockchain startups, is up to EUR 50 million. The final closing is scheduled for the end of 2021.

The new fund focuses on equity investments in early-stage startups that can advance tangible applications based on blockchain technology and thus add real value to businesses. The venture capital fund is to provide growth capital to up to 30 startup companies.

From technology to application - Blockwall invests in the entire blockchain ecosystem

In response to the rapidly growing market demand for blockchain-based applications, Blockwall has expanded its product portfolio with the venture capital fund, giving investors access to cutting-edge business models whose potential can be better exploited with the help of blockchain technology, sometimes in combination with other areas such as satellite technology or mobility.

Dominic Briggs, General Partner at Blockwall, says:

Blockchain technology will continue to revolutionize the corporate world in the coming years. The technology is already indispensable today and more and more applications are coming to market. With our fund products, we offer our investors diversified access to the blockchain market and thus attractive investment opportunities. We draw our expertise from our first fund, which we dedicated to investments in blockchain technology. The crypto market is the best example of the added value that blockchain technology can provide. Now it is a matter of developing institutional solutions and making applications usable for companies. This will also help drive the digital transformation of corporates in Europe.

In addition to entrepreneurs and family offices, institutional investors are also increasingly investing. Around 40 percent of the capital already raised was provided by investors who are already invested in Blockwall's first fund.

Sylvie Mutschler-von Specht, one of the investors in the new fund with Mutschler Ventures AG, comments:

We are convinced that the blockchain topic will become increasingly important in the coming years. The fact that we are now again on board as an investor in the second fund underlines our confidence in the Blockwall team and the direction of the fund.

Blockwall focuses on applications for the blockchain ecosystem and the traditional companies

Blockwall's investment strategy is guided by the growing need for services within the blockchain ecosystem and the increasing demand for blockchain-based software from traditional companies.

The venture capital fund has already invested in two promising start-up companies:

Xylene GmbH aims to create more transparency in supply chain management by combining blockchain and space technology. bloXmove is developing an integrated B2B mobility infrastructure based on a blockchain software platform originally developed by Daimler Mobility AG.

In 2018, Blockwall successfully launched its first fund, Blockwall Capital I, with a purely token-focused investment strategy. With a total of 22 investments, it is currently performing with an average annual return of more than 50 percent. Among the most successful investments in the portfolio is Solana, a smart contract platform with high transaction speed capacity.


About Blockwall Management GmbH

As a BaFin-registered asset manager focusing exclusively on blockchain investments, Blockwall aims to provide investors with diversified access to investment opportunities in the blockchain market and let them participate in a technology that has seen extraordinary growth rates in recent years. Blockwall is backed by an expert team of experienced investment managers and blockchain enthusiasts. In 2020, Blockwall co-founded the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), a European offshoot of the organization, with the international think tank. The Blockchain Research Institute Europe (BRIE) aims to bring together leaders from industry, education, politics, as well as founders and academics to conduct pioneering research in the field of blockchain.

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About Xylene GmbH

Xylene GmbH combines space technology and blockchain to create transparency in supply chain management. With over ten years of supply chain management experience, Xylene provides a user-friendly system to interact with suppliers and improve supply chain due diligence and reporting.

Christopher Edwards, Co-Founder of Xylene GmbH, comments:

We are very pleased to have Blockwall as a strong partner on our side to further accelerate our growth. Blockwall has extensive experience and a wide network into the corporate world. With Blockwall's support, we will continue to advance our application that brings more transparency and trust to supply chain management and leverage the potential of blockchain technology for as many businesses as possible.

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About bloXmove

The mobility start-up bloXmove is developing a B2B mobility infrastructure that seamlessly connects different mobility providers. The decentralized infrastructure covers the entirety of transactions - from the booking of a mobility service to the digital conclusion of the contract and the actual use. The Mobility Blockchain platform, originally developed by Daimler Mobility AG, was licensed to bloXmove in June 2021 and is now being further developed.

Sophia Rödiger, CEO of bloXmove, comments,

Blockwall has a deep understanding of the Blockchain technology and the implications for our business model. Through Blockwall, we will receive the early-stage seed funding necessary to further develop our 'Mobility Blockchain Platform', which will revolutionize urban mobility. In addition, Blockwall gives us access to key companies in Europe with whom we would like to establish or strengthen collaborations.

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